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Safety is a primary concern when using tools, particularly when those tools need to be used in close proximity to live electrical systems, for example on railways.  Here at FTI Supplies we are able to provide our customers with a range of specially insulated Jafco tools that are designed specifically to be used in this sort of environment. Jafco tools are insulated to protect the user from an electrical shock, so they are ideal for use in situations where there is an increased likelihood of coming into contact with live electrical cables.

In situations where electrical safety is paramount then Jafco tools are the clear choice. Their hard wearing, rugged design makes them suitable for a variety of heavy duty applications whilst the insulating properties of Jafco tools will safeguard against a potentially very serious injury should the tool come into contact with an electric current.  Thanks to their bright orange colouration Jafco tools are easy to differentiate from your regular equipment, so there’s no danger of accidently picking up an ordinary tool for a job where it would only be safe to use insulated Jafco tools.

You know that in situations where live electrical circuits and systems are present then safety should be a number one priority, so don’t take risks! By investing in and using Jafco tools you’re protecting yourself against what could be a fatal electric shock. There are plenty of scenarios where insulated Jafco tools could potentially save your life and should you accidently sever a cable whilst working then you’ll be thankful you were using Jafco tools.

Do not hesitate to contact us at FTI Supplies if you require more information on Jafco tools or any of the other products we stock.