Jafco Insulated Digging Tools

Jafco Insulated Tools Video Link

Jafco Insulated Tools Video Link

Installing Street Lighting ?
Excavating Near Electric Cables ?

Equip your workforce for safe hand digging, why not specify JAFCO INSULATED DIGGING TOOLS.

Used by local authorities, major street lighting, electrical, utilities and railway contractors.

Hard wearing, heavy duty tools providing excellent electrical insulation:
- Non - conductive Nupla fibrerglass shafts, used by utilities and railways for over 15 years.
- Every tool electrically tested to 10,000 volts, in-house, and marked for traceability.
- All tool handles are orange, marked 1000v.

Tools meet and exceed relevant British Standards BS8020

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If you are interested in purchasing from this range please enquire at sales@ftisupplies.co.uk or phone 07984 162221 where we will be happy to further discuss your enquiry

Insulated Taper Mouth Shovel

The Jafco Insulated Taper mouth shovel has a blade length of 12.5" x 10" wide
This insulated taper mouth shovel is for working on or near live cable.

Insulated Treaded Spade

The Jafco insulated treaded spade has a heavy-duty treaded blade which is comfortable on the foot, protects footwear and prevents slipping.
The blade length is 11.5" x 7.5" wide

Insulated Square Mouth Shovel No.2

The Jafco Insulated No.2 Square mouth shovel has a blade length of 12.5" x 10" wide
Primarily used where underground live cables may be uncovered protecting the user from harm

Insulated Contractor's Fork

Heavy-duty insulated contractors fork for working on or near live cable.
Blade length 13" x 8" wide

Insulated Rabbiting Spade

The Insulated rabbiting spade is the ideal tool for digging narrow trenches, land drains and post holes.
The blade is 10.5" long x 5.5" wide

Insulated  GPO Rabbiting Spade Long Handled

The long handle on this insulated GPO rabbiting spade makes this tool ideal for digging deep narrow trenches, land drains and post holes. Also commonly used for street lighting, highway works and fencing.

The blade is 10.5" long x 5.5" wide

Insulated Round Mouth Shovel

This insulated round mouth shovel has a pointed tip thats makes this an ideal tool for penetrating compacted hardened ground.
Each tool is tested to 10,000 volts and guaranteed to 1,000 volts.
It's blade length is 12.5" x 10" wide

Insulated Newcastle Drainer

The Jafco insulated newcastle drainer is the ideal tool for digging deep narrow holes, trenches, cable channels, pipe channels, drain channels or post holes.
The blade length is 16" x 7" wide

Insulated Narrow Trench Shovel

The insulated narrow trench shovel is either plain or treaded for ease of use.
The treaded shovel is for narrow trench work such as pipe and cable laying. Can be used in conjunction with a cable laying shovel.
Blade length 11" x 7.5" wide

Insulated Cable Layer

The slightly dished blade & round cutting edges of the Jafco insulated cable layer is designed for clay digging. Excellent for heavy ground breaking work.Suitable for safe laying of cable and pipe work.
blade length 11" x 5.5" wide

Insulated Grafter shovel

The insulated grafter shovel is the ideal tools for use by Utility, Railway, Electrical and Street lighting contractors.
Blade length of 12.5" x 6.5"

Insulated Shovelholer

Insulated heavy duty shovelholer which features high strength sockets and cross-over joint, fixed securley to solid NUPLAGALS fibreglass handleswith epoxy bond.

Insulated Post Hole Digger

The insulated post hole digger is designed for light digging and clearing spoil for fence post requiring a smaller diameter hole. For heavy digging ( compacted, stoney ground, etc ) the post hole digger should be used in conjunction with a digging bar

Insulated Breaking Hammer

The Jafco Insulated Breaking Hammers were developed for the task of breaking old cast iron gas mains piping, and are used in the cast iron gas mains replacement programme.
These tools are designed for use in the vertical mode only, and should be used only by trained operatives in accordance with the safe system of work defined by the user organisation.

Insulated Trough Lifter

Insulated Trough Lifter with orange fibreglass handle.

This Trough Lifter simplifies and accelerates the inspection and re-laying cables in straight troughs. It is based on a system devised by AMEC, and works on the principle of a combined clamp and lever, which enables each seperate cover to be fitted and tilted like a hinged lid, and held whilst the cable is inserted.

Insulated Cable Guidance Tool

Insulated Cable Guidance Tool 37"

"JAFCO have developed a CABLE LIFTING TOOL to be used in conjunction with the TROUGH COVER LIFTER, further improving the work method and reducing risk of strain and injury. The CABLE LIFTING TOOL will enable an operator to lift and position the cable inside the trough from a standing position, whilst the trough cover is held open with the TROUGH COVER LIFTER by another operator."