Spectrum Diamond Core

Diamond core drills - click to view YouTube Link

Diamond core drills - click to view YouTube Link

When purchasing a diamond core drill there can be no corners cut when it comes to quality. After all, this product is used to cut or drill the strongest of materials, such as concrete. Therefore, only the best will serve the purpose if effectiveness, precision and safety are to be achieved.

The Spectrum Diamond Core drills have acquired a highly positive reputation as being one of the best in the industry when it comes to working with tough materials. The drills are highly effective and the results are simply outstanding. At the same time these drills are well known for being very easy to use.

It is known to all that you need to work with the best tools in order to have the best results. We are pleased to be able to offer you a huge range of Spectrum Diamond Core drills and blades here at the FTI Supply Company. Take a look at our product range in order to find the drill and/or accessories you require.

JN Wet Core Accesories

Tough, durable adaptors and extensions for wet core drilling.